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Mozambique To Step Up Electricity Exports To Its Load-Shedding Stricken Neighbors

January 23, 2023

Via: CleanTechnica

Mozambique currently has a low electrification rate with only 40% of its population having access to electricity. 36% of the population has access from the grid and 4% via off-grid projects. Mozambique wants to accelerate its access to electricity projects […]

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GM launches EV charge management business, signs energy storage deal with SunPower

October 12, 2022

Via: Renewable Energy World

GM said it is getting into the vehicle-to-building charging sector with a new business unit known as GM Energy. It said that its Ultium Home and Ultium Commercial, in combination with the existing Ultium Charge 360, are intended to create […]

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Report: Rapid Transport Decarbonization Means We’ve Probably Passed Peak Oil

November 20, 2020

Via: Greentech Media

The global peak in oil consumption may already be past us, according to a new report from Carbon Tracker — and the rapid transition to low-carbon transport in China and India is the reason why. The report released Friday underscores […]

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Electrification Can Supercharge California’s Post-COVID Economy

June 17, 2020

Via: Forbes

Covid-19 has roiled California, threatening 18% unemployment in 2020 and forcing policymakers to recharge the world’s fifth-largest economy, even as they face a $54 billion budget deficit stemming from the crisis. In response, Governor Newsom convened a Recovery Task Force, […]

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California Union Leader: ‘Hundreds and Hundreds’ of Workers Oppose Local Natural Gas Bans

May 12, 2020

Via: Energy Collective

San Luis Obispo, Calif., is one of a handful of municipalities around the country contemplating banning or limiting the use of natural gas appliances and hook-ups in new buildings to force electrification as a climate solution. In the spirit of […]

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Electrifying Heat, Transport And Industry Can Lead To Deep Carbon Cuts

February 13, 2020

Via: Forbes

As decarbonisation of the power sector ramps up in earnest, attention is turning to the other key sectors of the economy that need to cut their emissions – transport, buildings and industry. If these three sectors are electrified at the […]

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Building Electrification Could Add Hundreds Of Millions Of Batteries To The Grid

August 26, 2019

Via: Forbes

Electricity demand is rising as global temperatures increase and economies grow, driving greater demand for cooling: Researchers project that by 2050 a warming climate will push energy needs 25% higher than they otherwise would be absent climate change in parts […]

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2020 Looks Like Breakout Year for Building Decarbonization in California

August 23, 2019

Via: Greentech Media

California is on the clock, with just 25 years to achieve economy-wide carbon neutrality. Buildings account for about a quarter of California’s greenhouse gas emissions, so concerted efforts will be needed to squeeze carbon out of the sector, especially existing […]

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As Cities Begin Banning Natural Gas, States Must Embrace Building Electrification Via Smart Policy

July 22, 2019

Via: Forbes

Berkeley, California became the first American city to ban natural gas infrastructure in new buildings last week after PG&E, the second-largest U.S. utility and notably both a gas and electric utility, publicly supported the move. But Berkeley isn’t alone—it’s leading […]

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Mini-Grids Are Ready To Change The World (Again)

July 17, 2019

Via: Forbes

Mini-grids may finally be ready to change the world. But the small, self-sufficient electricity grids that connect communities who have not been reached by the main grid are not a new technology. In fact, the first grids were mini-grids. Edison […]

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‘Electrification of Everything’ Would Spike US Electricity Use, but Lower Final Energy Consumption

July 30, 2018

Via: Greentech Media

Widespread deployment of EVs, heat pumps, and other electric technologies could increase U.S. electricity consumption by nearly 40 percent by mid-century, according to a new government report. The report, the second in the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Electrification Futures Study […]

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What Does the ‘Electrification of Everything’ Look Like in America? NREL Plans to Find Out

January 17, 2018

Via: Greentech Media

Widespread electrification is not only coming, it is likely necessary to decarbonize the global economy. “Mounting research suggests that aggressive electrification of energy end uses — such as space heating, water heating, and transportation — is needed if the United […]

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Commentary: Renewable energy offers cost-effective options to cut carbon emissions from industry

November 9, 2017

Via: International Energy Agency

Reducing long-term greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the industry sector is one of the toughest challenges of the energy transition. Combustion and process emissions from cement manufacturing, iron- and steelmaking, and chemical production are particularly problematic. But there are a […]

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Beneficial Electrification: A Growth Opportunity

February 3, 2017

Via: Energy Collective

In the first blog post in this series, we observed that rapid power sector transformation presents challenges but also opportunities for utilities. As older, inflexible resources are retired, cleaner, more distributed resources are being deployed by companies and customers who […]