The Flying Dutchmen: Impact of a strong EV network in the Netherlands

November 20, 2023

With about 112,000 electric vehicle charging points on their territory, the Netherlands have almost 30% of all electric vehicle (EV) chargers in the European Union (EU). That’s 1/3 more than Germany, three times more than the UK, and nearly 70 […]

Nuclear expansion failure shows simulations require change

November 15, 2023

The widespread adoption of nuclear power was predicted by computer simulations more than four decades ago but the continued reliance on fossil fuels for energy shows these simulations need improvement, a new study has shown. In order to assess the […]

Op-Ed: Discovery of ‘white’ hydrogen hailed as ‘second revolution’ for the energy industry

November 9, 2023

In what is being called a game-changer in terms of scientific research, a new gas-detecting probe has been able to find what could be up to 250 million tons of so-called “white” hydrogen, a naturally occurring form of hydrogen, in […]

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Buc-ee’s, Mercedes-Benz partner to redefine the EV charging experience

November 10, 2023

Via: PetrolPlaza

Buc-ee’s has partnered with Mercedes-Benz HPC North America to launch the mobility company’s network of premium electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across North America. The strategic agreement is set to create a national charging network that redefines convenience and quality […]