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Energy Trilemma: A Case for Africa Power Utilities

February 2, 2023

Via: Power Magazine

A trilemma is a situation that presents three possible choices to a complex challenge. Due to mutual exclusivity of the available choices, achieving them simultaneously is always a daunting task. The overarching objective is to achieve the three possible solutions […]

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Working Smarter, Not Harder: How Companies Are Setting New Energy Goals

November 14, 2016

Via: Renewable Energy News

It’s no secret that companies use goals to push their businesses in a positive direction. Whether it’s about creating more value or reducing impacts, goals provide focus, direction, and a sense of urgency. Recently, a wave of corporate, climate-related goals, […]

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Can Hidden Costs Jeopardize The Future Of The Solar Energy Industry?

November 9, 2016

Via: Energy Collective

The costs associated with generating solar energy have dropped quite dramatically over the past decade. The average cost of solar cells has dropped from a whopping $76.67/watt in 1977 to as low as $0.26/watt in 2016. In places like Dubai […]