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Oil And Gas Companies See Opportunity In Offshore Wind Energy

March 16, 2020

Via: Forbes

Oil and gas markets are ensnared by oversupply and falling prices, not to mention a global pandemic. It illustrates the need to be more responsive to changes in the energy climate. And the good news is that the signs are […]

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69% U.K. Emissions Drop Nice, But Global Renewables Investment Down: Reports

November 7, 2019

Via: Forbes

The intensity of greenhouse gas emissions from British energy production has dropped more than two thirds, but the country is still the second worst emissions culprit in Europe, a new report has found. At the same time, a global think […]

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Google announces US$150m renewables investment package

October 17, 2019

Via: PV Resources

Google says it will spend US$150 million on renewable energy in regions where its products are manufactured, in a move it hopes will galvanise a further US$1.5 billion of investment. The news was revealed by Anna Meegan, head of consumer […]

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Renewables investment falls short of lofty ambitions

November 26, 2018

Via: Petroleum Economist

A yawning investment gap in clean energy means it is still just a marginal part of many portfolios It is not the smoothest of roads, but politicians globally are realising that their electorates are trending towards greater environmental consciousness. And […]

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Why 2016’s drop in renewables investment was good news in disguise

April 10, 2017

Via: PV Resources

Despite a significant drop in global renewable energy investment last year, a corresponding rise in renewables deployment spelled encouraging news for the sector, according to a new UN Environment Programme (UNEP) report entitled ‘More Bang for the Buck’. The drop […]

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China is Leaving the US Behind on Clean Energy Investment

January 9, 2017

Via: Renewable Energy News

As 2017 begins, China is poised to leap ahead of the U.S. on clean energy to become the most important player in the global market. Last year, China increased its foreign investment in renewables by 60 percent to reach a […]