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Solar-friendly US infrastructure bill inches forward as it passes House

July 2, 2020

Via: PV Resources

A bill which promises to revamp solar support frameworks and stimulate investment in grids in the US has cleared its first hurdle, passing the House of Representatives. H. R. 2, the Moving Forward Act, passed the House yesterday evening by […]

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New Solar Power Breakthrough From Maker Of Things That Make Solar Cells

July 1, 2020

Via: CleanTechnica

When a top notch solar cell equipment supplier starts actually making solar cells, anything can happen. If all goes according to plan, another next-generation photovoltaic breakthrough is in the works and the cost of solar power will keep going down, […]

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Europe’s Thinking Shifts on Supporting Renewables as Part of Green Recovery Package

June 22, 2020

Via: Greentech Media

The EU’s trillion-euro coronavirus recovery package may not support big renewable energy projects in the same way as initially expected. The EU is currently working through the details of a €1.85 trillion ($2.08 trillion) recovery package. Before the stimulus was […]

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Recovering Residential Solar Industry Prepares for Wildfire Season — with Batteries

June 12, 2020

Via: Greentech Media

Residential solar installers are gearing up for a surge of demand for battery storage products as the critical California market swings from a COVID-19 shutdown straight into wildfire season. Storage has become increasingly central to the business models of home […]

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U.S. solar had a strong first quarter, but the coronavirus will pose challenges going forward

June 11, 2020

Via: CNBC energy

The American solar industry installed 3.62 gigawatts of photovoltaic capacity during the first quarter of 2020, a record amount for the period, according to new analysis published Thursday. While the number may sound encouraging, the U.S. Solar Market Insight Q2 […]

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Congress Is Mulling Renewable Energy Stimulus: They Should Think Bigger

June 10, 2020

Via: Forbes

With discussions in the U.S. Congress underway on the makeup of a ‘Phase 4’ coronavirus stimulus package, multiple reports are identifying clean and renewable energy as a key sector that Democrats hope to support. Although details are still scarce, ideas […]

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Game Over For Coal: Renewable Energy Best Bet For COVID-19 Recovery

June 2, 2020

Via: CleanTechnica

The economic argument for keeping older coal power plants in operation seems clear enough: they’re already here. That’s it. That’s the case. If that seems like weak tea, it is. Coal is resting on a fragile veneer of bottom line […]

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Data to help renewables investments

June 1, 2020

Via: Energy Global

This is, at least, according to Clir, a provider of performance assessment software for renewable energy, which is working with a number of major investment firms to quantify and analyse the performance of wind farms – both prior to acquisition […]

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EIA: Renewables overtakes coal consumption in US

May 29, 2020

Via: Energy Global

The EIA states that this outcome mainly reflects the continued decline in the amount of coal used for electricity generation over the past decade as well as growth in renewable energy, mostly from wind and solar. Compared with 2018, coal […]

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COVID-19 Reveals Challenge Facing Merchant Renewables

May 26, 2020

Via: Greentech Media

A fundamental problem facing subsidy-free solar and wind in renewables-heavy grids is emerging as coronavirus cuts energy demand in Europe. The fall in demand is driving up the proportion of clean energy on many grids and highlighting an issue flagged […]

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Europe’s Oil Majors Start To Embrace Alternative Energy And Climate Targets

May 14, 2020

Via: Forbes

European oil majors have increased their ambitions to tackle climate change markedly in the last six months, with Total, Shell, BP, Repsol and Eni all having made commitments to significantly reduce the carbon intensity of the energy they supply. The […]

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Location selected for operations base which will serve ‘world’s largest offshore wind farm’

May 13, 2020

Via: CNBC energy

Equinor and SSE have unveiled plans to build a multi-million pound operations and maintenance base for a project that is being described as “the world’s largest offshore wind farm.” The site for the base is located at the Port of […]

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Dutch Offshore Wind Tender Deadline Passes Amid Concerns of Depressed Interest

May 1, 2020

Via: Greentech Media

The whistle has blown on the latest major offshore wind auction in Europe, the first since the coronavirus pandemic took hold. The results, and the level of interest, could offer some guidance on the offshore sector’s resilience in the face […]

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Renewables Giants Look Set to Get Bigger as Crisis Tightens Finance Markets

April 27, 2020

Via: Greentech Media

Is the avalanche of money that was chasing renewable energy projects before the coronavirus crisis rolling on or grinding to a halt? The headlines still show plenty of deals closing. Developers are clinching power-purchase agreements, assets are changing hands and […]

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COVID Shows Need For Clean Air And Cheap Energy. Utilities Can Get Both Via “All-Source Procurement.”

April 23, 2020

Via: Forbes

COVID-19 has reminded Americans of the importance of cheap electricity and clean air – consumers and businesses are looking for ways to save money, and people who breathe dirty air suffer higher mortality rates from the virus. One of the […]