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Did The U.S. Become The World’s Top Oil Producer Under President Trump?

September 29, 2020

Via: Forbes

As the presidential election approaches, I am increasingly seeing claims that President Trump put the U.S. back on top as the world’s leading oil producer. So, let’s take a closer look. Here is a 2013 article from the Daily Mail […]

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The Growing Danger From Gas Pipelines

September 24, 2020

Via: CleanTechnica

Pipelines exploded with the force of bombs, setting homes ablaze in Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts. Columbia Gas, the local gas utility, had allowed too much pressure to build up in its aging cast-iron pipes until finally, they erupted in a series […]

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Shell and Microsoft form alliance to help address carbon emissions

September 23, 2020

Via: Energy Global

“Microsoft and Shell both have rich histories of innovation and bold ambitions to decarbonise,” said Huibert Vigeveno, Downstream Director of Shell. “We are proud of the work we have already done together. Our strategic alliance will enable us to push […]

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Oil Industry Surprised By Trump’s Extension Of Offshore Drilling Ban. The Only Question Is ‘Why?’

September 10, 2020

Via: Forbes

At a campaign event in Jupiter, Florida on Tuesday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that didn’t garner a lot of media attention. The President ordered his Department of Interior (DOI) to extend the moratoria that currently exist on […]

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The World’s Top 10 Oil Producers And Consumers

June 26, 2020

Via: Forbes

Following last week’s release of the BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2020, I began to review and analyze the data. Today I take a deeper dive into the numbers on petroleum. Oil accounts for a third of the world’s […]

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How Russian And Saudi Oil Ties To China Complicate The Post-Pandemic World

June 24, 2020

Via: Forbes

Russia and Saudi Arabia both rely on oil sales to fund a majority of their budgets. In the last five plus years, China has become the biggest customer for both countries. In fact, China is the world’s largest importer of […]

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Report: U.S. Continued to Decrease Emissions In 2019 Alongside Increased Natural Gas Production, Demand

June 22, 2020

Via: Energy Collective

While global carbon emissions saw a slight increase in 2019, the United States continued its long-term trend of reducing these emissions – at the same time that natural gas production and demand continued to increase – according to BP’s 2020 […]

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World Oil Reserves Suddenly Downgraded By 292 Barrels! Yawn.

June 19, 2020

Via: Forbes

This week, Rystad Energy announced the eye-popping finding that the world’s estimate of oil supplies had suddenly shrunk by 292 billion barrels. Needless to say, the announcement caused eyes to pop, as did the headline’s statement heralding the early onset […]

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U.S. Rig Count Finds Bottom, Rebound For Oil Services Sector Starts Now

June 18, 2020

Via: Forbes

The worst crisis in the history of the global oil industry hit the U.S. oil services sector hard, prompting a wave of cancelled contracts, scrapped investment and bankruptcies. The worst, though, appears to be behind us. It is difficult to […]

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The Last Oil And Gas Cycle: Building The Future On Lessons From The Past

June 16, 2020

Via: Forbes

Oil and gas markets have always been volatile. Prices went up, prices went down — sometimes violently — and when they did, fortunes were made and lost. The industry learned to live with volatility, confident that when the market went […]

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EPA’s Attack On Science Will Allow More Pollution From Burning Coal And Oil

June 15, 2020

Via: Forbes

Here’s a neat political trick: if you want to introduce a new law, but you know people will hate it, give it a misleading, nice-sounding name. It’s surprising how well this works. Let me explain. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency […]

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Can The United States Senate Stop Germany’s Gas Pipeline From Russia In A Post-Coronavirus World?

June 11, 2020

Via: Forbes

Two United States Senators, Republican Ted Cruz of Texas and Democrat Jean Shaheen of New Hampshire, introduced legislation last week that would place sanctions on any company attempting to finish laying the pipe needed to complete the last 100 miles […]

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Are The Oil Giants Rising To Shareholder Demands And Cutting CO2 Levels?

June 9, 2020

Via: Forbes

A couple of crosscurrents are occurring within the oil industry. While many corporate boards are defeating efforts by activists to disclose more and more climate risks, most are already taking bold action to curtail their CO2 emissions. The broader question […]

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Pandemic Accelerates Decline And Fall Of Fossil Fuel Producers

June 5, 2020

Via: Forbes

Fossil fuel companies are set to face “terminal decline” because of falling demand and higher investment risks caused by competition from clean technologies and tougher government climate and energy security targets, according to climate finance analysts. The value of oil, […]

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Saudi Arabia and Russia push for an extension to output cuts, with OPEC+ meeting this week still possible

June 4, 2020

Via: CNBC energy

Some of the world’s most powerful oil producers had been expected to convene on Thursday, with energy market participants closely monitoring whether the influential group will officially agree to extend their deepest ever round of output cuts. OPEC kingpin Saudi […]