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Energy Economics

Energy, Infrastructure And Economic Needs Provide Unique National Opportunity

May 13, 2020

Via: Forbes

During the past two months of COVID-19 “lockdown”, the United States has watched 30 million jobs evaporate, incurred an additional $2 trillion dollars of debt, seen our national debt exceed the GDP, and still not fixed our infrastructure. In fighting […]

Chemical, Conventional Fuels

Fifteen Times More Oil and Steel Now Versus 1940

December 2, 2019

Via: Energy Collective

The World of today still seems to be similar to the world of 1940. The world of 2019 and the world of 1940 are both mainly based on oil and steel. We can see in movies and documentary reels that […]

Energy Economics

US ‘green economy’ generates $1.3 trillion and employs millions, new study finds

October 16, 2019

Via: CNBC energy

The green economy is driving growth and job creation in the United States, but as the rest of the world catches up, the U.S. will have to enact new and supportive policies to remain competitive, a new study from University […]