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Shell receives the most fuelling visits in the U.S.

May 22, 2020

Via: PetrolPlaza

Shell receives the most fuelling visits, representative of their large market share but Kwik Trip, Quik Trip, and Wawa fiercely compete for the lead with nearly identical CLI scores. Based on our last industry study, overall sentiment has increased with […]

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Gasoline prices keep falling

March 19, 2020

Via: Vermont Biz

If you’re looking for a little good news during this difficult time dominated by the coronavirus, gasoline prices have fallen, and in some places dramatically so. In Vermont, the lowest price reported on the website (GasBuddy app) is Cunningham’s […]

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California’s High Gasoline Prices Are No Accident

October 10, 2019

Via: Forbes

An October 8 CNN story about gasoline prices carried this headline: “California gas prices soar above $4, reaching the highest price in five years.” One can only wonder if most Californians understand that that is all part of their state […]

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Gas prices nearing peak pain, relief may come soon

May 9, 2019

Via: Vermont Biz

Vermont Business Magazine Gasoline prices in Vermont may be below the national average right now ($2.81/gallon versus $2.90/gallon), but they’re still higher than last week, higher than last month and almost as high as last year. With the national average […]

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Trump says he called OPEC and told producer group to bring oil prices down

April 26, 2019

Via: CNBC energy

President Donald Trump on Friday said he “called up” OPEC and told the producer group to take action to bring down fuel costs, making a dubious claim that gasoline prices are already falling. Crude futures extended earlier losses following Trump’s […]

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Oil Refinery Breakdowns Spike Gasoline Prices

April 10, 2019

Via: Forbes

Gasoline prices have really spiked these last few weeks and will keep on rising because the United States does not have sufficient refinery capacity to make the gasoline and diesel we need. And the refineries we have are old and […]

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How High Are Gasoline Prices Really? It’s A Matter Of Perspective.

April 3, 2019

Via: Forbes

Gasoline prices at the pump have risen steadily throughout the first quarter of 2019, and that naturally causes consternation among consumers who feel the financial pain each time they fill up their tank. The average nationwide retail price for regular […]

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Gasoline Prices Under Presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump

January 11, 2019

Via: Forbes

I have written many times about the limited impact a sitting President can have on gasoline prices. Presidents can pursue policies that over a period of time can influence gasoline prices in one direction or another, but their ability to […]

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Fall Means Falling Gasoline Prices

August 17, 2018

Via: Forbes

Fall arrives next month. Along with it comes relief from the heat, and usually at the gasoline pump as well. It isn’t simply that demand for gasoline drops after summer driving season. Gasoline is also cheaper to produce after summer, […]

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The Link Between Crude Oil And Gasoline Prices

June 27, 2018

Via: Forbes

Although oil prices have been all the talk, given last week’s OPEC+ decision to add 1 million b/d of new supply, let’s hit on oil’s most important product: gasoline, where prices have been falling from their four-year highs. Crude oil […]

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US gasoline prices rise near $3 a gallon ahead of driving season

May 25, 2018

Via: CNBC energy

Filling the fuel tank for vacation driving this summer will be pricier than it has been in nearly four years for American motorists, as gasoline prices nationwide rise toward the expected average seasonal price of $3 a gallon. Lower-income consumers […]

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This is how much gasoline prices could fall in next few weeks

September 15, 2016


Drivers may see the cheapest average fall gasoline prices since the year President Barack Obama was first elected, and home-heating fuel prices could be setting up for another 16-year low. Absent a spike in oil prices, the glut of refined […]

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U.S. Gasoline Demand Reaches Record Levels

July 22, 2016

Via: Forbes

Last week the Energy Information Administration (EIA) released its most recent Short Term Energy Outlook (STEO), and the forecast now calls for record U.S. gasoline consumption this year: Motor gasoline consumption is forecast to increase by 130,000 b/d (1.5%) to 9.29 […]

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US retail gasoline prices expected to fall this summer

April 14, 2016

Via: Energy Global

The US Energy Information Administration forecasts that US drivers will pay an average of US$2.04/gal. this summer for regular gasoline, according to EIA’s Short-Term Energy and Summer Fuels Outlook. The forecast price for summer 2016 (which runs from April through […]