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Solar Power Europe Predicts EU Will Reach Its Renewable Energy Goal 3 Years Early

September 12, 2023

The 2023 annual report from Solar Power Europe comes to a startling conclusion. It says the EU will reach the renewable energy goal it set for 2030 three years early. The report is 148 pages long, so we are going to summarize it for you. (You’re welcome!) It starts with this introduction:

Solar is on the fast track. In 2022, the world installed 239 GW of new solar, finally surpassing the TW-scale. That’s 45% more solar power capacity than the year before. The positive market developments in the first months of 2023 promise another solar boom year, expected to result in 341 GW of newly added solar to the grid by the end of the year — equal to 43% growth.

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