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How Oil Companies Are Facilitating The Renewable Revolution

December 23, 2021

Via: Forbes

The energy revolution, accelerated by the pandemic, is changing the DNA of the oil and gas industry at its core.

In a recent interview Glynn Williams, CEO of Silixa — a company that provides fiber optic-powered data solutions for the oil and gas sector (as well as several others) — reveals something of the emerging recognition that the oil and gas industry can make a strong contribution to the renewables sector:

“Many people and entire states depend on the prosperity and well-being of independent oil and gas companies (IOCs) and their suppliers, but they are still being cast unfairly as the villains of climate change and the renewables revolution. In reality, they have been fully engaged in the huge undertaking of transitioning their businesses and practices toward the renewables sector. So, far from being its enemies, they are increasingly its facilitators.”

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