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Renewables Beat Coal In US, Surpass Gas For First Time In Europe

February 1, 2023

The renewable energy juggernaut is gathering strength in virtually every nation on Earth. There are two reports out this week that highlight the extent to which renewables are outperforming coal in the US and methane gas in Europe by almost every metric, especially cost. Not everyone is happy to see the changes being made, however. Here’s a roundup of the latest renewables news this week.

US Renewables Beat Coal in 99% Of The Time

A report by Energy Innovation dated January 29, 2023 claims “99 percent of the existing U.S. coal fleet is more expensive to run compared to replacement by new solar or wind. Replacing coal plants with local wind and solar would also save enough to finance nearly 150 gigawatts of four-hour battery storage — 60 percent of the coal fleet’s capacity.

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