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‘Electrification of Everything’ Would Spike US Electricity Use, but Lower Final Energy Consumption

July 30, 2018

Widespread deployment of EVs, heat pumps, and other electric technologies could increase U.S. electricity consumption by nearly 40 percent by mid-century, according to a new government report.

The report, the second in the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Electrification Futures Study series, analyzes the demand-side impacts of a transition to electricity in transportation, residential and commercial buildings, and industry through 2050.

The report authors developed three scenarios to assess changes in electricity demand growth under varying levels of economy-wide electrification. The scenarios are based on cost and performance projections in the first EFS report, as well as the authors’ review of current trends, the academic literature and use of an updated version of the EnergyPATHWAYS bottom-up modeling tool.

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