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A Win-Win-Win Solution for DER Owners, the Power Grid, and the Environment

January 12, 2022

New distributed energy resources (DERs) are being added to the power grid every day. However, DERs don’t automatically provide owners with the greatest value possible. In many cases, that requires the help of an aggregator, that is, a company that specializes in managing DERs owned by a pool of clients and optimizing performance of the overall system based on real-time signals coming from the wholesale power markets.

“Wholesale electricity markets need grid services from distributed energy resources. We connect those underutilized distributed energy resources—typically behind customer meters—to those wholesale power markets to orchestrate and monetize those resources to deliver reliable, cost-effective, and clean energy,” Gregg Dixon, co-founder and CEO of Voltus, said as a guest on The POWER Podcast.

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