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Larger turbines to help drive growth in European wind energy

September 13, 2018

Via: CNBC energy

The European wind energy sector is set for “solid growth” over the next five years, industry body WindEurope said in a report published Wednesday. Wind energy capacity on the continent will grow at an average of 17.4 gigawatts (GW) per […]

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Drones and AI Deployed for Solar Maintenance in Massachusetts

August 3, 2018

Via: Energy Manager Today

Enel Green Power North America (EGPNA) and Raptor Maps signed a deal to co-develop utility-scale solar asset management technologies to optimize the field operations and maintenance of solar assets. Under an MoU signed this week, the two Massachusetts companies plan […]

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Bacteria-powered solar cell converts light to energy, even under overcast skies

July 6, 2018

Via: Revolution Green

This innovation could be a step toward wider adoption of solar power in places like British Columbia and parts of northern Europe where overcast skies are common. BIOGENIC This innovation could be a step toward wider adoption of solar power […]

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Siemens Tests Ammonia as a Form of Energy Storage for Renewables

June 27, 2018

Via: Greentech Media

The German industrial giant Siemens is investigating the use of ammonia as a way to store and transport hydrogen in energy systems with high penetration of renewables. The company this month opened a £1.5 million ($2 million) proof-of-concept plant in […]

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Solar Competition Is Putting $3 Million Behind Innovation in Manufacturing

June 8, 2018

Via: Renewable Energy News

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) yesterday launched the American-Made Solar Prize competition with a focus on supporting innovative ideas for solar industry manufacturing. The contest includes a series of three prize rounds designed to develop new products to be […]

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Making Renewable Power More Viable For The Grid

May 31, 2018

Via: Revolution Green

Making Renewable Power More Viable For The Grid. “Air-breathing” battery can store electricity for months, for about a fifth the cost of current technologies. Wind and solar power are increasingly popular sources for renewable energy. But intermittency issues keep them […]

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Only 4 out of 38 clean-energy technologies are on track to meet long-term climate goals

May 23, 2018

Via: International Energy Agency

The International Energy Agency’s new and most comprehensive analysis of the clean-energy transition finds that only 4 out of 38 energy technologies and sectors were on track to meet long-term climate, energy access and air pollution goals in 2017. The […]

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Water based battery to store solar and wind energy

May 1, 2018

Via: Revolution Green

Stanford researchers have developed a water-based battery that could provide a cheap way to store wind or solar energy generated when the sun is shining and wind is blowing so it can be fed back into the electric grid and […]

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US Wind Selects Firms to Develop and Construct Maryland Offshore Wind Project

April 23, 2018

Via: Power Engineering

The 250-MW offshore wind project near Maryland took another step forward, as US Wind has selected two Baltimore firms for development and construction work. Strum Contracting Company will provide welding services for the installation of the meteorological tower, which will […]

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Design for 50MW Offshore Wind Turbine Inspired by Hurricane-Resilient Palm Trees

April 16, 2018

Via: Greentech Media

A team of researchers is working to complete the design for a novel 50-megawatt offshore wind turbine, nearly six times more powerful than a record-setting 8.8-megawatt turbine recently deployed off the coast of Scotland. Testing will begin on prototype blades […]

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Solar Array to be Constructed on Ohio Landfill

April 4, 2018

Via: Power Engineering

IGS Solar plans to begin construction this month on a solar array to be built on an unproductive landfill site. The 4 MW array is being built thanks to a power purchase agreement with Cleveland Public Power and the government […]

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Renewable Revolution Can Fundamentally Alter Energy-River Equation

March 30, 2018

Via: Forbes

What was supposed to be the highlight of my recent trip to Myanmar’s Irrawaddy River wasn’t happening. But even though my lower back ached from an hour of hunching forward in a narrow canoe, my legs awkwardly jammed into the […]

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Is Offshore Wind a Better Deal With Batteries?

March 27, 2018

Via: Greentech Media

A partnership between developer Bay State Wind and NEC Energy Solutions this month highlighted a growing push to pair energy storage with offshore wind. Bay State Wind said it will work with NEC Energy Solutions to add batteries to an […]

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World’s First Floating Offshore Wind Farm Achieves 65% Capacity Factor After 3 Months

March 1, 2018

Via: Greentech Media

Statoil recently announced that its pioneering offshore floating wind farm, Hywind Scotland, achieved an astounding 65 percent capacity factor from November through January. Not only does this far surpass onshore wind farms — the United States’ wind fleet enjoyed an […]

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Can Solar Energy Improve Water Quality?

February 27, 2018

Via: Energy Collective

Solar energy is everywhere. Solar-powered sunglasses can be used to charge your cell phone, you can get solar powered book bags, lights on roads are solar powered, and even showers now can get their power from the sun. The rise […]