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Energy Economics

OPEC warns Trump’s trade policies could slow economic growth and dent oil demand

March 14, 2018

Via: CNBC energy

President Donald Trump’s protectionist trade policies threaten to slow global economic growth and dampen oil demand, OPEC warned Wednesday. The potential fallout from Trump’s recently announced tariffs on steel and aluminum imports is one of several headwinds the 14-nation oil […]

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Trump Plans Budget Cuts That Would Give China A Huge Gift In The Emerging Energy Economy

February 1, 2018

Via: Forbes

According to the Washington Post, the Trump administration is prepared to ask Congress for a massive reduction in the Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) programs, cutting these efforts by 72% for fiscal 2019. While the Post […]

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The Inconvenient Truth About Renewables and Storage Lurking in Lazard’s Latest Cost Analysis

November 9, 2017

Via: Greentech Media

Financial advisory firm Lazard is out with its eleventh annual levelized cost of energy analysis. It shows renewable energy costs continue to inch ahead of conventional generation. But the data is also a reality check. While wind and utility-scale PV […]

Energy Economics

Flexibility, Not Resilience, Is the Key to Wholesale Electricity Market Reform

October 31, 2017

Via: Greentech Media

U.S. electricity markets face scrutiny over revenue problems and reliability concerns as greater amounts of renewable energy come on-line. This scrutiny has intensified after the Department of Energy’s proposal to compensate coal and nuclear power plants with 90 days of […]

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Solar Industry Finds Renewed Source to Optimize Revenue With PayStand

October 27, 2017

Via: PR Newswire

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif., Oct. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — PayStand, the next generation B2B billing & payment company, today announced a number of new solar industry customer wins as businesses have adopted PayStand’s digital payment network to overhaul their receivables. New […]

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Solar Power Alone Won’t Solve Energy or Climate Needs

October 23, 2017

Via: Energy Collective

Recent reports that solar capacity will soon exceed nuclear capacity reveal an important fact. They also hide a crucial distinction needed to understand the context of energy production, and use and consequences of choices among supply options for the future, […]

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Rooftop Solar & Storage – Cheaper Than Subsidising Old Coal

October 9, 2017

Via: CleanTechnica

Leading energy analyst Bruce Mountain says if governments were serious about lowering electricity prices for consumers, they would focus more on supporting rooftop solar and battery storage than seeking to subsidise ageing coal-fired power generators like Liddell. Mountain, the director […]

Energy Economics

It’s Cheaper to Save Energy Than to Buy It, Despite Misleading Claims

September 27, 2017

Via: Energy Collective

“Energy efficiency is too expensive, will increase costs to consumers and push people into energy poverty”—this is a claim made by some commentators in Brussels recently. As the Energy Efficiency Directive is being negotiated in the Parliament, Jan Rosenow reveals […]

Energy Economics

End of a golden era for refiners?

September 22, 2017

Via: Petroleum Economist

Like upstream, the refining sector has been undergoing consolidation over the past decade. Bigger players are holding on to plum assets and smaller independents have adopted agile business models to eke out profits from what’s left. Those who stuck with […]

Energy Economics

Is Solar Really the Reason for Negative Electricity Prices?

August 30, 2017

Via: Energy Collective

Solar gets all the attention, but another explanation is at least as important. Even during extreme promotions like “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”, it is rare to see anything sold for a negative price. Low prices, sure. But truly negative […]

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U.S. Gasoline Production is Running Near Record Levels

August 22, 2017

Via: Energy Collective

Gasoline production by U.S. refiners and blenders has run near record levels over the first seven months of 2017, with four-week rolling average production well above its five-year average and close to the top of its five-year range. U.S. gasoline […]

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Growth Prospects for the Global Grid-Connected Battery Market

August 17, 2017

Via: Greentech Media

The global grid-connected energy storage market could reach a total installed capacity of 28 gigawatts by 2022, from just 3 gigawatts in 2016, if an IHS Markit projection cited recently by AES and Siemens proves correct. By 2025, cumulative installations […]

Energy Economics

United States Expected to Become a Net Exporter of Natural Gas This Year

August 11, 2017

Via: Energy Collective

EIA’s latest Short-Term Energy Outlook projects that the United States will export more natural gas than it imports in 2017. The United States has been a net exporter for three of the past four months and is expected to continue to export […]

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US solar industry prepares for possible Trump tariff on Chinese exports

July 26, 2017

Via: American Energy News

The US solar industry is bracing for a decision from the Trump administration that could see hefty tariffs imposed on solar energy components imported into the United States from China. Suniva is a manufacturer of high-efficiency crystalline silicon photovoltaic solar cells […]

Energy Economics

U.S. coal exports have increased over the past six months

July 19, 2017

Via: Penn Energy

Coal exports for the first quarter of 2017 were 58% higher than in the same quarter last year, with steam coal exports increasing by 6 million short tons (MMst) and metallurgical coal exports increasing by 2 MMst. Most of these exports […]