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World’s First AP1000 Nuclear Reactor Reaches Full Power

August 16, 2018

Via: Power Magazine

The world’s first AP1000 nuclear reactor—Sanmen 1 in China’s Zhejiang province—commenced 100% power operation for the first time on August 11, China National Nuclear Corp. (CNNC) said. Sanmen 1 was connected to the grid on June 30. Earlier this year, […]

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Nuclear key to Ontario prosperity

August 1, 2018

Via: World Nuclear News

Blueprint for making Ontario open for business is a 90-page collection of letters directly addressing each of the province’s cabinet ministers, sent by the OCC on the 16 July resumption of the province’s legislative session. The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, […]

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Trump Orders Action to Stem Coal, Nuclear Plant Shutdowns

June 4, 2018

Via: Renewable Energy News

President Donald Trump ordered his energy secretary to take immediate action to stem power plant closures, arguing that a decline in coal and nuclear electricity is putting the nation’s security at risk. “Impending retirements of fuel-secure power facilities are leading […]

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Report: Trump Administration to Force Purchases of Coal, Nuclear Power

June 1, 2018

Via: Power Magazine

A draft memo circulated by the Trump administration before the National Security Council reportedly urges federal action to force grid operators to buy power from uneconomic coal and nuclear plants. Bloomberg on May 31 pointed to the existence of the […]

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Trump Administration May Give Mouth-To-Mouth To Resuscitate Coal Industry

May 21, 2018

Via: Forbes

The Trump administration may try to resuscitate the coal industry by using laws that, in effect, conclude that national security is at stake because the reliability of the electric grid is at risk. That is a hard case to make […]

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Advocacy to Keep U.S. Nuclear Reactors Open Picks Up Steam

May 14, 2018

Via: Energy Collective

The Partnership for Global Security (PGS) points out in a recent article that mainstream think tanks, and the news media, have identified how the closure of U.S. nuclear plants will make cutting carbon emissions more difficult. In a worst-case scenario, […]

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Reducing the Costs of Nuclear Energy in Three Steps

April 30, 2018

Via: Energy Collective

The recent construction performance on reactor projects in Europe and the USA has clearly rocked confidence in the industry and sewn doubt in opinion leaders, such as Michael Liebreich, about the ability of nuclear energy to contribute further to reducing […]

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The Trump Administration Just Hatched Another Plan to Buoy Coal and Nuclear

April 20, 2018

Via: Greentech Media

The Trump administration is mulling the use of a Truman-era law to make good on the promise to restore the coal industry, according to a Thursday report from Bloomberg. The Defense Production Act of 1950 offers the president power to […]

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Nuclear Power Under Attack Again – This Time From The Ballot Box

April 18, 2018

Via: Forbes

Arizona’s Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station could be forced to close in six years, instead of twenty-seven, if voters approve a renewable-energy ballot measure, according to plant owner Arizona Public Service Company (APS). The Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona, […]

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China to Start Building 6-8 New Nuclear Reactors in 2018

April 3, 2018

Via: Energy Collective

China’s National Energy Administration said in March that the country will announce sites for the start of new construction of six-to-eight new nuclear reactors. The decision ends a two-year freeze on new starts. According to the World Nuclear Association (WNA) […]

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Renewables or Nuclear? A New Front in the Academic War Over Decarbonization

March 30, 2018

Via: Greentech Media

The debate over the fastest way to decarbonize the grid is intensifying, as experts debate a paper from last December claiming modular renewables could beat nuclear power. The paper, from a Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) team led by the institute’s […]

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US and French companies form venture for nuke waste storage

March 16, 2018

Via: Penn Energy

HOBBS, N.M. (AP) — A Dallas company and a France-based multinational corporation are forming a joint venture to license an interim storage site in West Texas for high-level nuclear waste. Orano USA and Waste Control Specialists announced on Tuesday their […]

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Will We Actually Get A Place To Store Our Nuclear Waste?

March 6, 2018

Via: Forbes

It certainly looks like it. At the end of February, the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission accepted Holtec International’s license application for its proposed consolidated interim storage facility for spent nuclear fuel, called HI-STORE CIS. To be located in southeastern […]

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Growth in Renewables Matching U.S. Nuclear Generation

February 15, 2018

Via: Power Magazine

A business group geared toward sustainable energy says renewable sources of energy for the first time are generating nearly as much power as the entire fleet of U.S. nuclear reactors. The Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE), along with Bloomberg […]

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Spent Fuel Storage Still A Hot Topic in California’s Coastal Communities

February 6, 2018

Via: Forbes

Radioactive material from the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) will be making a short trek from the now closed units to a spot next to the beach — a move that has outraged community activists, who fear it will […]