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Energy Consumption, Global

Old Oil Fields Are A Major Source Of New Supply

March 13, 2018

Via: Forbes

The animated show South Park ran an episode in which Professor Chaos becomes frustrated trying to come up with an idea for mischief that hasn’t already been done by The Simpsons. “Simpons did it,” is the response to his every […]

Mainstream technologies, Renewable Energy

Demand for Renewable Energy May Outpace Supply

January 16, 2018

Via: Energy Manager Today

Big companies are increasingly signing deals to buy wind and solar power, and their large and growing demand may exceed the capacity of existing and planned transmission lines – yet transmission planners aren’t taking this into account as they draw […]

Commercialization, Conventional Fuels

The Next Oil Price Spike

January 5, 2018

Via: Forbes

A recent post talked about how the oil price might collapse this year, and what factors would cause that. In this post, the potential for a price spike and what might be behind it will be enumerated. Because, as those […]

Commercialization, Conventional Fuels

Why this alternative fuel faces bleak prospects

March 9, 2016

Via: CNBC energy

The liquefied natural gas market (LNG) has a big problem: supply of the commodity is expected to outstrip demand for rest of the decade, said an analyst Wednesday. The mismatch—bumper facilities coming on stream just as large buyers such as […]