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Utah Coal Plants Will Continue Hazing Up The State’s Crown Jewels, & Those Of Other States

April 11, 2024

Via: CleanTechnica

If there’s one thing we’re learning in late 2023 and 2024 so far, it’s that the climb out of pollution and climate change isn’t an easy slope that always goes up. Sometimes, there are setbacks and things that don’t move […]

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EPA’s Attack On Science Will Allow More Pollution From Burning Coal And Oil

June 15, 2020

Via: Forbes

Here’s a neat political trick: if you want to introduce a new law, but you know people will hate it, give it a misleading, nice-sounding name. It’s surprising how well this works. Let me explain. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency […]

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Clean Power Crowds Out Dirty Coal As Costs Reach Tipping Point

March 16, 2020

Via: Forbes

The global economy needs power to enable it to function. For a century, the cheapest, most efficient way to do that was to burn fossil fuels to produce steam to turn a turbine. But not any more. The dominance of […]

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Trump Or Not, Pollution From US Power Plants Is Going Down

June 26, 2018

Via: CleanTechnica

Emissions from power plants in the US have been on a downward slide for years, thanks to the retirement of older coal power plants in favor of natural gas and renewables. Meanwhile, the long term economic trend is up, up, […]

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Nuclear Plant Cooling Canals Reportedly Leaking into Florida Waters

March 10, 2016

Via: Power Engineering

A Miami-Dade County study shows that cooling canals from the Turkey Point nuclear power plant in Florida are leaking into Biscayne Bay. Water sampling in December and January showed tritium levels up to 215 times higher than normal in ocean […]