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Commercialization, Renewable Energy

Renewables-led green hydrogen could be cost competitive by 2030: IHS

July 15, 2020

Via: PV Resources

Production of green hydrogen using renewable power for electrolysis could be cost competitive with incumbent methods by 2030, analysis by research firm IHS Markit has concluded. The analysis, compiled by IHS’ Hydrogen and Renewable Gas Forum, found that the cost […]

Emerging Technologies, Renewable Energy

Data science helps engineers discover new materials for solar cells and LEDs

May 28, 2019

Via: Revolution Green

Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a high-throughput computational method to design new materials for next generation solar cells and LEDs. Their approach generated 13 new material candidates for solar cells and 23 new candidates for […]

Emerging Technologies, Renewable Energy

Energy-saving new LED phosphor

April 25, 2019

Via: Revolution Green

Light emitting diodes or LEDs are only able to produce light of a certain colour. However, white light can be created using different colour mixing processes. “In a white LED, red and yellow-green phosphors are excited by the light from […]

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The power is yours! Top energy efficiency tricks for companies

February 17, 2016

Via: Jacob Myers

Never before have businesses been more encouraged to be energy efficient as they are today. This phenomenon is taking place not only because there are more alternatives, but also because economy and pollution urge everyone to do so. Sometimes I […]