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Nuclear expansion failure shows simulations require change

November 15, 2023

Via: Tech Xplore

The widespread adoption of nuclear power was predicted by computer simulations more than four decades ago but the continued reliance on fossil fuels for energy shows these simulations need improvement, a new study has shown. In order to assess the […]

Commercialization, Conventional Fuels

Gasoline Prices Under Presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump

January 11, 2019

Via: Forbes

I have written many times about the limited impact a sitting President can have on gasoline prices. Presidents can pursue policies that over a period of time can influence gasoline prices in one direction or another, but their ability to […]

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IEA launches the Clean Energy Transitions Programme to support clean-energy development

November 14, 2017

Via: Energy Manager Today

The International Energy Agency announced today (11/7) the launch of the Clean Energy Transitions Programme, a new multi-year, EUR 30 million plan backed by 13 countries to support clean energy transitions around the world. This new Programme will leverage the […]