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Perovskite solar cell technology goes greener with antinomy

February 14, 2024

A team of researchers led by Center for Hybrid and Organic Solar Energy (CHOSE), Electronic Engineering Department at Tor Vergata University of Rome has developed the first air-stable lead (Pb) and tin (Sn)-free perovskite solar modules, fabricated with an antimony (Sb)-based perovskite-inspired material (PIM) as the light absorber. The results are published in the journal ACS Energy Letters.

“The Sb-based perovskite-inspired material photovoltaic cells we developed aim to solve a main issue with perovskite technology, that of the potential toxicity of Pb, as well as offer alternatives to Sn-based perovskites, which are unstable, and thus difficult to process in air,” the research group said.

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