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Global Domination—China Accounts for Nearly All New Coal-Fired Power Plant Construction

February 6, 2024

Data from Global Energy Monitor (GEM), a group that tracks thermal and renewable power generation projects worldwide, shows that China was responsible for construction of 96% of all new coal-fired facilities globally last year, and for almost 70% of all new coal-fueled power plants that came online.

GEM, a San Francisco, California-based non-governmental research organization, on Feb. 5 published its latest Global Coal Plant Tracker, which provides information about new construction and other data by country and by megawatt capacity. The report shows China accounted for nearly all new construction that would use coal, along with 81% of newly announced projects. The country accounted for more than 47 GW of new coal-fired generation capacity coming online in 2023, or 68% of the global total of new operating units.

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