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NRC Begins Construction Permit Review for Pioneering Nuclear Molten Salt Research Reactor 

November 21, 2022

Via: Power Magazine

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has accepted Abilene Christian University’s (ACU’s) construction permit application for a 1-MWth nuclear non-power Molten Salt Research Reactor (MSRR) facility planned for the university’s campus in Abilene, north-central Texas. The acceptance—which essentially marks the NRC […]

Conventional Fuels, Nuclear

A Successful Nuclear Step For New Molten Salt Reactors

November 10, 2017

Via: Forbes

Terrestrial Energy Inc. (TEI), a Canadian advanced nuclear reactor company, received notice yesterday from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) that it successfully completed the first phase of the CNSC’s pre-licensing vendor design review for TEI’s new Integral Molten Salt […]