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Maryland bans fracking as state plans to consume more natural gas

April 10, 2017

Via: American Energy News

The Maryland General Assembly has passed a bill authorizing a statewide ban on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. The bill, which was passed in the House of Representatives earlier this month and passed the Senate by a 35-10 vote Monday night, now moves […]

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Latest Threat to U.S. Oil Drillers: Sand

March 24, 2017

Via: WSJ

The market for sand—a key ingredient in fracking—is surging once again as U.S. oil production rebounds, and the rising price of the tiny grains threatens to cut into energy companies’ profits. Now that crude oil is selling for just less […]

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Yet another study finds fracking not responsible for GHG emissions rising

October 3, 2016

Via: American Energy News

As environmental activists and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)continue to focus all their attention on methane emissions from oil and natural gas systems, yet another study has been released showing that biogenic sources —virtually ignored by environmentalists in their efforts […]

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Is Fracking For Gas As Dirty As Coal?

May 6, 2016

Via: Forbes

Coal and natural gas together produce two-thirds of our electricity, almost equally split between them. Nuclear produces 19%, hydro produces 7%, and renewables about 7%. Oil produces even more energy than either coal or gas, but it is used almost […]

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Turning to frack tech, stricken U.S. oil drillers test new limits

March 14, 2016

Via: Reuters US Energy

Fifty-stage frack jobs. Fifteen-foot cluster spacing. More than 2,000 pounds of proppant concentrate per foot. Top U.S. shale producers are pushing fracking technology to new extremes to get more oil out of their wells, as they weather lower-for-longer oil prices. […]