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Behind the rise of US utility-driven solar

October 5, 2020

Via: PV Resources

As the US tilts towards a presidential election that will very much decide the country’s path for the next four years, federal policy towards renewables and, indeed, climate action in general, hangs in the balance. But in the absence of […]

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Domestic solar and storage on the rise as Japanese market bounces back

January 22, 2020

Via: PV Resources

The Japanese PV market has enjoyed considerable prosperity over the last few years. 2012 saw capacity more than double thanks on the back of subsidies and new installations in 2015 reached a peak value of 10.5GW. But as PV is […]

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UK energy suppliers unveil mixed bag of solar export tariffs

January 3, 2020

Via: PV Resources

Energy suppliers in the UK have unveiled a mixed bag of tariffs for domestic solar exports, with O&G major Shell’s supply business unveiling a tariff of just 0.001p/kWh. Under new legislation, dubbed the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), UK based energy […]

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Europe ‘on track’ for 53% renewable power by 2030 despite country gaps

November 8, 2019

Via: PV Resources

A mix of policy and economics puts Europe in a solid position to source more than half of its power supply from renewables by 2030 but not all countries will reach their targets equally as fast, according to Wood Mackenzie. […]

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Florida legislation could make solar-plus-storage the go-to for disaster relief and resiliency

January 4, 2018

Via: PV Resources

Legislation proposed in Florida could see solar and energy storage become part of the go-to solution for providing energy resiliency against natural disasters and helping restore power in their aftermath. Holly Raschein, a Republican member of the House of Representatives […]

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US Senate Set to Vote on a Sweeping Energy Bill

April 19, 2016

Via: Greentech Media

In a rapid turn of events, the bipartisan “Energy Policy Modernization Act” went from the legislative dustbin to an upcoming Senate floor vote. And not a moment too soon, considering the unexpectedly rocky road the bill embarked on since it […]

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How more research and development funding can hasten green revolution

March 16, 2016

Via: Science Daily Energy

“Most people know we are frying the planet,” says MIT economist Daron Acemoglu, referring to the effects of climate change. After all, 2015 was the hottest year on record, portending drastic long-term problems involving agriculture, rising sea levels, drought, and […]

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4 Reasons States and Utilities Should Continue Reducing Power Emissions, Despite Clean Power Plan Stay

March 2, 2016

Via: Renewable Energy News

On February 9, the U.S. Supreme Court temporarily halted implementation of the Clean Power Plan (CPP). The CPP, which aims to reduce states’ power sector emissions, is being challenged in the D.C. Circuit appeals court by a number of states, […]

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Advanced Nuclear, Solar-Storage Projects Get DOE Funds

January 20, 2016

Via: Power Magazine

The Department of Energy (DOE) announced on January 15 that it was awarding up to $40 million each in cost-shared funding to Southern Co. and X-Energy to “support work to address key technical challenges to the design, construction, and operation […]

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Maine Legislature Mulls Reducing Electric Rates for C&I Customers

January 18, 2016

Via: Energy Manager Today

A bill (LD 1398) that would reduce the rates paid by Maine’s commercial and industrial electricity customers failed to gain traction at a session of the state legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on Energy, Utilities, and Technology on January 7. Sponsored […]

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World Bank & IMF Boost International Climate Funding

October 12, 2015

Via: CleanTechnica

Over the weekend, thousands of the world’s finance ministers and central bankers from 188 countries of the world gathered in Lima, Peru, for the annual meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The two United Nations groups […]

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California governor signs 50% renewables pledge into law

October 9, 2015


California governor Jerry Brown has put the final rubber stamp on “landmark” legislation that mandates that 50% of the state’s electricity is from renewable sources, along with a raft of other measures aimed at meeting climate goals. The governor signed […]

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Colorado to launch its first hydrogen pump

October 7, 2015

Via: PetrolPlaza

The first ever publicly-accessible hydrogen fuelling station will soon be open in Golden, Colorado, according to the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The 700 bar station is an important part of NREL’s new Hydrogen Infrastructure Testing and Research […]