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How Russian And Saudi Oil Ties To China Complicate The Post-Pandemic World

June 24, 2020

Via: Forbes

Russia and Saudi Arabia both rely on oil sales to fund a majority of their budgets. In the last five plus years, China has become the biggest customer for both countries. In fact, China is the world’s largest importer of […]

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China’s Oil Imports Up 2% As Asian Majors Offer Robust 2020 Response To Coronavirus Turmoil

May 8, 2020

Via: Forbes

It is said that Asia’s voracious appetite for crude oil in general, and China’s in particular, fuels much of the global demand that’s been so badly stunted by the spread of the global coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic. However, there are […]

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The U.S. Still Imports A Lot Of Oil

February 12, 2020

Via: Forbes

The goal of U.S. “Energy Independence” continues to be pushed across the spectrum. It rests on lowering oil imports, seen as a bugaboo for us since the crisis of the 1970s. And on the surface, this makes sense. In the […]

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Oil rises, extending gains amid optimism over China coronavirus

February 5, 2020

Via: CNBC energy

Oil futures rose for a second day on Thursday amid investor optimism over unconfirmed reports of possible advances in combating the coronavirus outbreak in China as a sign fuel demand may rebound in the world’s biggest oil importer. Brent futures […]

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US Exported More Oil Than it Imported For the First Time in Over 70 Years

November 18, 2019

Via: Energy Collective

Based on preliminary data and model estimates, EIA (US Energy Information Agency) estimates that the United States exported 140,000 b/d more total crude oil and petroleum products in September than it imported; total exports exceeded imports by 550,000 b/d in […]

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Trump doesn’t want to protect other countries’ oil tankers — that could be a big problem

June 28, 2019

Via: CNBC energy

A flurry of oil tanker attacks in the world’s busiest transit lane for seaborne oil shipments has triggered grave concerns about maritime security, with President Donald Trump suggesting the U.S. could stop providing protection to other ships. Six oil tankers […]

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Trump Ends Waiver Grace Period For Iran’s Oil Customers

April 29, 2019

Via: Forbes

Waivers that allowed certain countries to continue importing Iranian oil without penalty will end next month, leading to a game of chicken between the Trump administration and some of the world’s largest economies. According to the White House announcement on […]

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Mexico Is Now Top U.S. Trade Partner, Ahead of China, Canada

April 26, 2019

Via: Forbes

Mexico is the United States’ top trade partner. At least for the moment. This, to my knowledge, is a first. Mexico traditionally ranks third among U.S. trade partners, behind China and Canada. This realignment shines a slightly brighter light on […]

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Here’s why China and India will remain defiant amid threat of US sanctions for Iranian oil imports

April 23, 2019

Via: CNBC energy

China and India are both unlikely to completely cut off Iranian crude imports, energy analysts have said, despite the imminent threat of U.S. sanctions. President Donald Trump’s administration announced Monday that buyers of Iranian oil must stop purchases by May […]

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Yes, We Should Conserve Energy

August 30, 2018

Via: Forbes

Earlier this month, the Trump Administration announced that it would replace fuel efficiency standards enacted by the Obama Administration in order to make cars safer and more affordable. The new proposal unveiled by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department […]

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Our Energy Dependence Lessens, But Global Impact Is Limited

July 6, 2018

Via: Forbes

In January 1977, the awful day arrived. U.S. petroleum imports passed the magical 50% mark. Yet somehow the world failed to end. Now, with U.S. net imports comprising only 20% of our usage (including NGLs), the supposed energy dominance of […]

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Oil prices fall as short-covering rally fizzles, oversupply weighs

August 5, 2016


Oil prices fell by 1 percent on Friday as a crude and refined product glut weighed on markets and investors eyed a possible stutter in China’s imports, ending a two-day short-covering rally. U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude crude futures […]

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Where America Gets Its Oil: The Top 10 Foreign Suppliers Of Crude To The U.S.

April 12, 2016

Via: Forbes

The past decade has seen a major shift in the U.S. crude oil market. As a result of the surge in domestic production that was largely enabled by hydraulic fracturing — a practice Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders vows to […]