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Energy Economics

U.S. natural gas exports to Mexico continue to grow

November 30, 2016

Via: US Energy Information Administration

U.S. pipeline exports of natural gas continued to grow in 2016, and they have doubled since 2009. Almost all of this growth is attributable to increasing exports to Mexico, which have accounted for more than half of all U.S. natural […]

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Most natural gas production growth is expected to come from shale gas and tight oil play

June 8, 2016

Via: US Energy Information Administration

The growth in total U.S. dry natural gas production projected in the Annual Energy Outlook 2016 (AEO2016) Reference case results mostly from increased development of shale gas and tight oil plays. Natural gas resources in tight sandstone and carbonate formations […]

Energy Economics

U.S. petroleum product exports continue to increase

March 28, 2016

Via: US Energy Information Administration

Total U.S. petroleum product exports continued to increase in 2015, up 467,000 barrels per day (b/d) from 2014 to 4.3 million b/d, driven by increased exports of distillate fuel, motor gasoline, and propane. Mexico and countries in Central and South […]

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U.S. ethanol exports reach highest level since 2011

March 11, 2016

Via: US Energy Information Administration

U.S. exports of fuel ethanol reached their highest level in four years in 2015, totaling 844 million gallons, a slight increase from 2014 and second only to the 1.2 billion gallons exported during 2011. U.S. imports of ethanol, which totaled […]

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Oil rises as market ponders future Iran exports

January 4, 2016


Oil prices edged up on Monday after a breakdown in diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran that some speculated could result in supply restrictions, although gains were tempered by data showing some of Asia’s largest economies are struggling. Saudi […]