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Recycling of garnet solid electrolytes with lithium-dendrite penetration by thermal healing

April 21, 2023

Via: Tech Xplore

Metallic lithium is considered as the ultimate anode material of next-generation high-performance energy storage system, owing to its ultrahigh theoretical specific capacity (3860 mA h g-1), ultralow electrochemical potential (-3.04 V vs. the standard hydrogen electrode), and low density (0.534 […]

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New Sodium, Aluminum Battery Aims to Integrate Renewables for Grid Resiliency

February 8, 2023

Via: CleanTechnica

A new battery design could help ease integration of renewable energy into the nation’s electrical grid at lower cost, using Earth-abundant metals, according to a study just published in Energy Storage Materials. A research team, led by the Department of […]

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Battery design from PNNL could help integrate renewables into the grid

February 7, 2023

Via: Renewable Energy World

A research team led by the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) demonstrated what they said is a new design for a grid energy storage battery built with low-cost metals sodium and aluminum. They said the design provides […]

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Netherlands Commissions Country’s Largest Energy Storage System

October 7, 2022

Via: Power Magazine

An energy storage system (ESS) co-located with solar and wind power assets is now online at a research center in the Netherlands. The project, commissioned in a ceremony on Oct. 6, is a 24-MW/48-MWh that includes equipment from the Wärtsilä […]