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Russia–Ukraine war has nearly doubled household energy costs worldwide—new study

February 20, 2023

Via: Tech Xplore

The Russia–Ukraine war has exacerbated an energy crisis that directly affects the costs of heating, cooling, lighting and mobility, and indirectly pushed up the costs of other goods and services throughout global supply chains. While all households are affected, they […]

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How solar surge saved Europe from the energy crisis

January 31, 2023

Via: Renewable Energy World

This was one of the key findings in the European Electricity Review released by the independent energy think tank Ember. According to the report, wind and solar generated a record fifth of EU electricity in 2022, for the first time […]

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Being Pro-Nuclear Won’t Be Enough—Here’s Why

January 3, 2023

Via: Power Magazine

While the nuclear industry has sought acceptance by climate advocates for nearly a decade, events over the past year appear to have buoyed nuclear’s prospects and finally set it afloat within the discourse about decarbonization. The dramatic shift took shape […]

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Germany Mulls Postponing Nuclear Exit

August 17, 2022

Via: Power Magazine

Germany’s government is weighing how the closure of the country’s last three nuclear power plants in December 2022 will affect its grid this upcoming winter as the country scrambles to secure sufficient energy supplies amid a decline in Russian gas […]

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Nuclear Power Production Curtailed in France, Worsening Europe’s Energy Crisis

August 4, 2022

Via: Power Magazine

High temperatures in river water are reportedly forcing Electricite de France SA (EDF) to cut power generation at some of its nuclear plants. The news is particularly troubling as several European nations struggle to cope with an energy crisis caused […]

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The US is set to lose its spot as world’s top oil producer — and it ‘doesn’t have a lot of tools’ to do anything about it

March 30, 2020

Via: CNBC energy

The U.S. is all but guaranteed to lose its hard-earned spot as the world’s number one oil producer this year amid the recent price crash, vanishing demand and a plunge in capital investment, energy experts say. That could mean potentially […]