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DOE Awards Civil Nuclear Credits to Diablo Canyon

January 3, 2024

Via: Power Magazine

The Department of Energy (DOE) will award credits under its Civil Nuclear Credit (CNC) program to bolster the continued operation of Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP) Units 1 and 2, Pacific Gas and Electric Co.’s (PG&E’s) 2,240-MW nuclear plant in […]

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California governor proposes extending Diablo Canyon nuclear plant’s life

August 15, 2022

Via: Power Engineering

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on August 12 proposed extending the life of the state’s last operating nuclear power plant by five to 10 years to maintain reliable power supplies in the climate change era. The proposal to keep the Diablo […]

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California Governor Has Plan to Keep Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant Open

August 12, 2022

Via: Power Magazine

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed a plan that would keep the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant open into 2035, a decade beyond the facility’s current closure date. The proposal, which in part includes giving plant owner Pacific Gas & […]

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California Legislature Passes Bill to Support Reliability Reserve, Lifeline for Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant

June 30, 2022

Via: Power Magazine

California’s State Legislature has passed a bill that could extend the operating lives of existing generating facilities slated for retirement, potentially providing a new lifeline for the 2,240-MW Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP), which has a premature closure date in […]

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Critics Demand Clean Energy Guarantees for Diablo Canyon Closure

November 30, 2017

Via: Greentech Media

Diablo Canyon, California’s last operating nuclear power plant, will close by 2025. Everyone agrees on that. But how to replace the plant’s 2.3 gigawatts of energy without adding carbon emissions — and how to keep its workers and surrounding communities […]