image credit: Adobe Stock

Pioneering U.S. Wave Energy Power Plant Unveiled

January 12, 2023

One of the first U.S.-based wave energy power plants is set to be deployed at AltaSea’s 35-acre campus located at the Port of Los Angeles. Israeli firm Eco Wave Power, which unveiled the project on Jan. 12, said the AltaSea pilot would help the company make inroads in the U.S.

Eco Wave’s onshore wave energy technology harvests energy drawn from waves at heights of 0.5 meters ( 20 inches) using floaters and energy converters. “More precisely, the movement of the floaters compresses and decompresses hydraulic pistons, which transmit bio-degradable hydraulic fluid into land-located accumulators,” the company explained. “In the accumulators, pressure is being built. This pressure rotates a hydraulic motor, which rotates the generator, and then the electricity is transferred into the grid via an inverter.” The whole operation is controlled and monitored by a smart automation system. “

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