image credit: Pexels

Goldwind connects 5 MW test wind turbine to the grid

September 10, 2021

Wind turbine manufacturer Goldwind has connected its 5-megawatt onshore test unit to the grid, as the company prepares to begin deliveries next year.

Goldwind’s permanent magnet direct-drive (PMDD) onshore GW 5S Smart Wind Turbine features scaled rated power of 5.2 MW to 5.6 and 6 MW, a 165-meter rotor diameter, and hub heights that can range from 100-130 meters.

“The GW 5S wind turbine is our most powerful onshore turbine to date that takes into account global wind market requirements, customer direction, and extensive research and development – further marking it as a top-rated turbine among Goldwind’s already impressive suite of mature PMDD turbine platforms,” Goldwind president Cao Zhigang said.

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