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U.S. Energy Companies Are Not Winning The American Trade War With China

August 14, 2019

Via: Forbes

Trying to keep up with the latest counter offensives in the U.S.-Chinese trade war is dizzying. But all that works to China’s favor, which only has to keep the thumb screws on Donald Trump for a few months longer before he cries “uncle.” The president, in fact, is already doing so.

As to whom can win a trade war is an easy question: no one, because for every action there is a reaction. As to whom can survive a trade war, the answer is even easier: China, because under its system, there are no free-and-fair elections and thus, President Xi Jinping will be in office for much longer than Trump, who is about to go through a brutal campaign: he does not want the American economy or its stock market to gyrate any longer, much less nosedive and into recession.

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