image credit: Unsplash

85% Plugin Vehicle Share In Norway — Pure Combustion Falls Below 10%

April 7, 2021

Norway, the world’s leading nation in the clean transport transition, saw 84.9% plugin electric vehicle market share in March 2021, the second highest plugin market share for a single month on record (only trailing December 2020’s plugin share of 87.1%) and up from 75.2% in March 2020. Old-school combustion vehicles fell to under 10% share and are soon heading to zero.

March’s 84.9% combined plugin share in Norway comprised 56.3% full battery electrics (BEVs) and 28.6% plugin hybrids (PHEVs). This is a slight growth in PHEVs’ relative weighting from a year ago. The cumulative share for Q1 2021 was 52.8% BEV and 29.2% PHEV, for a combined 82%.

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