image credit: Pxhere

Rooftop Solar and Energy Storage Are Not Republican or Democrat, They’re American

December 2, 2021

There is a common misperception that “green energy” appeals mostly to liberals. However, at least some of the facts don’t support that view. A case in point can be found in the rooftop solar sector.

“It’s not Republican or Democratic. It’s really American. It’s free enterprise,” Jayson Waller, founder and CEO of POWERHOME SOLAR, said as a guest on The POWER Podcast.

POWERHOME SOLAR does business in 15 states—some red and some blue—so Waller has fairly good insight on the types of people who are installing solar systems. “Both sides of the aisle are liking solar,” he said. In fact, POWERHOME SOLAR surveyed customers and found more than 60% were Republicans.

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