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Mozambique To Step Up Electricity Exports To Its Load-Shedding Stricken Neighbors

January 23, 2023

Mozambique currently has a low electrification rate with only 40% of its population having access to electricity. 36% of the population has access from the grid and 4% via off-grid projects. Mozambique wants to accelerate its access to electricity projects to meet its targets of universal access to electricity by 2030. This will be backed by at least 2,300 MW of new installed capacity by 2030 and about 5 million new connections, both on grid and off grid, according to the Country Priority Plan And Diagnostic Of The Electricity Sector Report for Mozambique by the AfDB’s Power, Energy, Climate Change & Green Growth (PEVP) Complex. Mozambique is already making some progress on this front with 348,000 new connections added across the country in 2022 and a further 320,000 planned for 2023. Mozambique also wants to increase the contribution of solar and wind in the country.

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