image credit: Unsplash

GE Gas Turbines Installed to Support California Power Supply

October 6, 2021

Four General Electric (GE) gas turbines have been deployed in California as part of the follow-up to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s emergency order to safeguard the state’s power grid. GE recently announced two of the company’s 30-MW TM2500 aeroderivative turbines have been installed at the Roseville Energy Park in Roseville, with another two installed adjacent to Calpine’s existing Sutter Energy Center in Yuba City.

The TM2500 units, which are essentially grounded jet engines that have been reconfigured to run on natural gas and generate electricity, are designed to start and ramp up within minutes to supplement renewable power generation and provide more reliability and resiliency to the state’s electricity supply, which has been challenged in recent years due to numerous wildfires, extreme heat, and drought.

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