image credit: Pixabay

First Hydrogen Burn at Long Ridge HA-Class Gas Turbine Marks Triumph for GE

April 22, 2022

Hydrogen combustion has begun at the 485-MW Long Ridge Energy Terminal combined cycle power plant—a flagship GE HA-class project that is purpose-built to transition from natural gas to hydrogen blends and ultimately be capable of burning 100% hydrogen.

While the sprawling multimodal facility in Hannibal, Ohio—which sits on the Ohio and West Virginia border—achieved commercial operation in October 2021, efforts to kick off its GE 7HA.02 gas turbine’s transition to hydrogen combustion began in earnest earlier this year. A test to combust an initial blending of 5% hydrogen and 95% natural gas fuel successfully completed on March 30 demonstrated that capability, said the plant’s owners, Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors, and Grosvenor Capital Management—Labor Impact Fund.

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