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EU Nuclear Fears Drive Attempt To Shut Down Belarus Nuke Power Plant

April 28, 2020

Via: Forbes

Europe is terrified of nuclear energy. Reasons differ. For one country, Lithuania, it’s a question of lost market share for its very expensive LNG plant. For others, it’s a question of safety and a political push to go green.

So just when Belarus is set to flip the switch on a 2,400-megawatt nuclear power station on the Lithuania border, the knives come out in Europe.

Nuclear is losing its appeal on the economic and political grounds in EU countries due to the green focus and safety concerns that stemmed from the Japanese Fukushima plant damage caused by a 2011 tsunami. It appears that the giant wave had more impact in Europe than in Japan, which reopened nearly all of the power plants it closed, except Fukushima Daiichi, which was heavily damaged and decommissioned.

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