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Energy Transitions And Local Action: The Case Of Colorado’s Coal Transition

August 21, 2019

Via: Forbes

The energy transition is underway. While this transition is occurring across many dimensions of the energy value chain having a dynamic impact on consumers and producers alike, it is often simply described as a move to a cleaner, low- or zero-carbon system. The contours of the pathway remain unclear, but certain aspects are already visible. The dramatic rise in solar and wind power generation in electricity systems and the rise of electric vehicles are occurring in multiple economies across the globe (see figure 1) as is an increased focus on energy efficiency. Closer to home, a dramatic and distinct move away from coal in power generation is occurring (see figure 2), displaced largely by low cost natural gas as well as wind. While the environmental impacts of this transition are desirable, it carries with it mounting concerns around how economically displaced communities will cope.

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