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Life Outside The Permian: New Report Shows Other U.S. Crude Oil Basins Stagnating

February 24, 2020

Via: Forbes

A new report from Enverus (formerly Drillinginfo) tells a now-familiar story for U.S. producers drilling for oil and gas in basins outside of the Permian: A focus on cutting costs, increasing efficiencies and prioritizing drilling for oil over natural gas. […]

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Slowing Permian Oil Supply Might Be Reversed Soon

October 15, 2019

Via: Forbes

Turmoil in the oil market is nothing new, and recent events in the Middle East, including the missile attack on Abqaiq and the apparent attack on an Iranian tanker, have overshadowed developments in the oil market fundamentals, but further out […]

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New Permian Gas Pipelines Will Reduce Flaring, But What About Prices?

September 9, 2019

Via: Forbes

The NYMEX Henry Hub price for natural gas has firmed up in recent weeks, rising over the $2.50/Mmbtu mark in early September 9 trading thanks to the ongoing heat wave in Texas and other states where natural gas provides a […]

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Permian crude driving storage expansion

August 16, 2019

Via: Petroleum Economist

The major trend in North American storage markets this year has been the focus on handling the continent’s burgeoning crude oil production. It is in a unique position among the world’s centres, with storage hubs in Asia-Pacific and Europe largely […]

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Here’s What Is Really Happening In The Permian Basin

August 8, 2019

Via: Forbes

What we’re seeing is that [Permian Basin] wells drilled this year are continuing the trend of being better than they were the year before, across the whole Permian – the New Mexico Permian and the Texas Permian. Average per-well peak […]

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The Permian Basin Is Now The World’s Top Oil Producer

April 5, 2019

Via: Forbes

Last week Saudi Aramco — the national oil company of Saudi Arabia and the world’s largest oil company — lifted a veil of secrecy around the company’s operations. For the first time in decades, operational details for Saudi Aramco were […]

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Exxon, Chevron planning big expansions in shale drilling, a move which could shake up the industry

March 12, 2019

Via: CNBC energy

Big oil is getting even bigger in shale, and that could speed up a shakeout among independents and force more mergers and joint ventures. Last week, both Exxon Mobil and Chevron said they would boost their growth in the Permian […]

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As oil recovers, U.S. firms descend on the Permian Basin in West Texas

February 2, 2017

Via: American Energy News

In most U.S. shale oil regions, energy firms are making strategic but cautious bets as the price of oil holds above $50 a barrel. Here in the Permian Basin of West Texas, the largest U.S. oil patch, the industry poured […]