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Supreme Court Limits EPA Authority to Regulate Power Plant Emissions

June 30, 2022

Via: Power Magazine

The U.S. Supreme Court has curbed the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) options for limiting emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) from power plants, an important environmental decision that could impact the federal government’s authority to enforce other regulations. The court in […]

News and Policies, U.S.

White House Advisor Says Progress Toward Biden’s GHG Emissions Reduction Targets Is ‘Going Really Well’

April 22, 2022

Via: Power Magazine

On April 22, 2021, President Biden announced greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution reduction targets for the country. His vision was revealed during a summit on climate that he was holding, which was said to be “part of the President’s focus on […]

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Duke Energy Eyeing Coal Phaseout by 2035

February 17, 2022

Via: Power Magazine

Duke Energy, the nation’s largest power producer, will dramatically slash coal generation’s share from the current 22% of total generation to 5% by 2030 and achieve a full phaseout of unabated coal by 2035. The company instead expects to deploy […]

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Nuclear Is the Bastion of Pennsylvania’s Newest Climate Action Plan

September 23, 2021

Via: Power Magazine

Pennsylvania, a major power producer that relied on fossil fuels for 66% of its net power generation in June, plans to maintain its nuclear generation at current levels until it can ramp up other carbon-free supplies to 100% by 2050, […]

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4 opportunities for gas utilities to accelerate the energy transition today

May 24, 2021

Via: Renewable Energy World

A troubling story recently emerged about a group of gas utilities whose mission is to fight electrification. While the leaked materials alone don’t explain the full extent of the group’s efforts, it was unsettling to see baseless, fear-driven tactics such […]