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How Renewables Will Change the Geopolitical Map of the World

February 12, 2018

Via: Energy Collective

Geopolitics, as the name suggests, is the interaction between geography and politics. Geography offers resources. Politics determines who benefits. That of course entails recognition of resources. A resource is something we want to use and know how to use. The […]

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How Feed-In Tariffs Can Unleash Clean Local Energy and Obviate Polluting Gas Plants in California

January 18, 2018

Via: Energy Collective

California has an opportunity to replace polluting natural gas plants with clean local energy — and never build another new gas plant again. But the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) must require efficient market mechanisms to ensure this happens in […]

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Advocating for Nuclear Power: The Time is Right

August 23, 2017

Via: Energy Collective

We live in strange times. Globally, populism is growing in response to a deep-seated anger with so-called liberal elites. Experts are no longer respected over louder voices that support peoples’ strongly held views. There are no facts, only beliefs. While […]

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White House appealing US courts fracking decision as debate swirls over impact

June 29, 2016

Via: American Energy News

Environmental groups and the Obama Administration say they plan to appeal a federal judge’s decision to overturn Bureau of Land Management’s fracking rules. A ruling an attorney for these groups said the ruling will have far-reaching impacts over future regulation of […]