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A tenth of all electricity is lost in the grid—superconducting cables can help

February 7, 2023

Via: Tech Xplore

For most of us, transmitting power is an invisible part of modern life. You flick the switch and the light goes on. But the way we transport electricity is vital. For us to quit fossil fuels, we will need a […]

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Mini-Grids Are Ready To Change The World (Again)

July 17, 2019

Via: Forbes

Mini-grids may finally be ready to change the world. But the small, self-sufficient electricity grids that connect communities who have not been reached by the main grid are not a new technology. In fact, the first grids were mini-grids. Edison […]

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U.S. electric system is made up of interconnections and balancing authorities

July 21, 2016

Via: US Energy Information Administration

Electricity generated at power plants moves through a complex network of electricity substations, power lines, and distribution transformers before it reaches customers. In the United States, the power system consists of more than 7,300 power plants, nearly 160,000 miles of […]