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Some countries could meet their total electricity needs from floating solar panels, research shows

June 4, 2024

Via: Tech Xplore

Floating solar photovoltaic panels could supply all the electricity needs of some countries, new research has shown. The study, by researchers from Bangor and Lancaster Universities and the UK Center for Ecology & Hydrology, aimed to calculate the global potential […]

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Carbon pricing and system reliability impacts pathways to universal electricity access in Africa

May 23, 2024

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There is a considerable gap in the rate of improvement in electricity access and where it needs to be to meet UN Sustainable Development Goal 7 (energy access for all). Under this “baseline scenario,” several hundred million people are projected […]

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Light, Flexible, Efficient Perovskite-Based Tandem Solar Cells

May 3, 2024

Via: CleanTechnica

All-perovskite tandem solar cells could soon pick up where silicon solar cells reach their limits. These highly efficient, lightweight, and flexible cells have already proven themselves in the laboratory — now, Empa researchers are working on scaling them up and […]

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Electricity from farm waste: How biogas could help Malawians with no power

May 2, 2024

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In sub-Saharan Africa, over 600 million people (more than 50% of the population) are without access to electricity. Malawi has one of the world’s lowest electricity access rates—just 14.1% of the total population have access to the main grid. In […]

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How to Provide Reliable and Resilient Electricity Amid Today’s Changing Climate

April 22, 2024

Via: Power Magazine

The United Nations has gone on record to spotlight the negative effects of climate change that have affected the world in recent years. The group stated, “destructive storms have become more intense and more frequent in many regions … while […]

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Innovative electricity system balancing tool helps keep Britain’s lights on

March 5, 2024

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A new cutting-edge tool developed in collaboration with researchers from the University of Strathclyde is helping to revolutionize the real-time balancing of Britain’s electricity network. Energy experts at the University teamed up with the Electricity System Operator (ESO) to design […]

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Op-Ed: Discovery of ‘white’ hydrogen hailed as ‘second revolution’ for the energy industry

November 9, 2023

Via: PetrolPlaza

In what is being called a game-changer in terms of scientific research, a new gas-detecting probe has been able to find what could be up to 250 million tons of so-called “white” hydrogen, a naturally occurring form of hydrogen, in […]

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The POWER Interview: Nuclear Set to Energize, Decarbonize Industry

October 25, 2023

Via: Power Magazine

A variety of industries are looking at nuclear power as a way to reduce their carbon footprint and provide a reliable source of electricity. Technology companies, along with industries such as mining and shipping, are exploring the use of nuclear […]

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EU states strike deal on electricity market reform

October 17, 2023

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EU member states reached an agreement to reform its electricity market after months of sparring between France and Germany over state support for nuclear energy, the European Council said Tuesday. The European Union’s plans to make the market less vulnerable […]

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A tenth of all electricity is lost in the grid—superconducting cables can help

February 7, 2023

Via: Tech Xplore

For most of us, transmitting power is an invisible part of modern life. You flick the switch and the light goes on. But the way we transport electricity is vital. For us to quit fossil fuels, we will need a […]

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Enhancing and Hardening the U.S. Power Grid

January 3, 2023

Via: Power Magazine

It’s no secret that the U.S. power grid needs some work. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), nearly 70% of the nation’s grid is more than 25 years old. The DOE says the U.S. needs to expand electricity […]

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Rooftop solar takes another hit

December 21, 2022

Via: Renewable Energy World

It’s been a tough week for the rooftop solar industry. Nearly a week after California regulators voted to slash compensation for rooftop solar customers, the industry suffered another blow, this time in Georgia. The Georgia Public Service Commission approved Georgia […]

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Mini-Grids Powering Energy Access in Africa

November 1, 2022

Via: Power Magazine

Governments and power generators continue to work to improve access to electricity on the African continent. Engie Energy Access, a subsidiary of French energy major Engie, recently signed a $60 million financing agreement with CrossBoundary Energy Access (CBEA), money that […]

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Wind speeds play a big part in setting ERCOT wholesale power prices

October 6, 2022

Via: Renewable Energy World

High electricity demand coupled with low wind availability can significantly raise wholesale prices in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) grid, supported by its market design. These factors can lead to price spikes during summer peak-day conditions. Those findings […]

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Energy storage project aims to help stabilize Vermont’s electric power grid

September 15, 2022

Via: Renewable Energy World

Done correctly, and with enough of it, energy storage could be the hero of many grids as the energy transition drives the adoption of more variable resources powered by the wind and the sun. Grid operators stress how important it […]

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Operating Energy Systems in a War-Torn Country: DTEK Prepares for Winter

August 19, 2022

Via: Power Magazine

While much of the world lives life as usual, DTEK—the largest private investor in Ukraine’s energy sector—is focused on providing reliable service amidst war and uncertainty. “Today, the major topic for us is to provide stability in durations of electricity […]

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California governor proposes extending Diablo Canyon nuclear plant’s life

August 15, 2022

Via: Power Engineering

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on August 12 proposed extending the life of the state’s last operating nuclear power plant by five to 10 years to maintain reliable power supplies in the climate change era. The proposal to keep the Diablo […]

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Nuclear Power Plants Report Stellar Performance, but Retirements Could Limit Climate Benefits

July 27, 2022

Via: Power Magazine

The world’s nuclear power plants generated a total of 2,653 TWh of energy in 2021, up 100 TWh from 2020. It was the third-highest total ever for global generation from nuclear, just 4 TWh short of the output in 2019 […]

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California Legislature Passes Bill to Support Reliability Reserve, Lifeline for Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant

June 30, 2022

Via: Power Magazine

California’s State Legislature has passed a bill that could extend the operating lives of existing generating facilities slated for retirement, potentially providing a new lifeline for the 2,240-MW Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP), which has a premature closure date in […]

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Solar drove energy sector job growth in 2021, report finds

June 29, 2022

Via: Renewable Energy World

Despite headwinds caused by the coronavirus pandemic and supply chain constraints, U.S. energy sector jobs grew by 4% from 2020 to 2021, outpacing overall employment. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) released the 2022 U.S. Energy and Employment Report (USEER), […]