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Energy Consumption, Global

European Council reaches agreement on its Renewable Energy Directive, includes faster permitting for renewable projects

June 28, 2022

Via: PV Resources

The European Council (EC) yesterday reached an agreement on a revision to its Renewable Energy Directive (RED) as part of its ‘Fit for 55’ package that has increased its renewables targets and called for accelerated permitting for clean energy projects. […]

Commercialization, Conventional Fuels

Nuclear, Natural Gas Included in EU Taxonomy—With Potentially Problematic Conditions

February 3, 2022

Via: Power Magazine

Handing a muted victory to proponents of nuclear and gas, the European Commission (EC) on Feb. 2 adopted a measure that labels some nuclear and gas energy activity as climate-friendly investments. However, it set out strict, potentially limiting technical screening […]

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Reprieve for Nuclear, Gas in EU’s Sustainable Finance Taxonomy Rules

April 22, 2021

Via: Power Magazine

The European Union’s (EU’s) much-watched Taxonomy Climate Delegated Act—the world’s first “green list”—unveiled by the European Commission (EC) on April 21 qualifies several power producing sectors in its technical screening criteria for sustainable investment decisions. However, it delays controversial decisions […]