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A Cambrian explosion of distributed energy in Texas

February 9, 2023

Via: Renewable Energy World

Texans can now get paid for supporting the grid with their solar panels and batteries as part of a new virtual power plant pilot. What happens next could lead to the rapid deployment of resilient and clean distributed energy resources […]

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A Win-Win-Win Solution for DER Owners, the Power Grid, and the Environment

January 12, 2022

Via: Power Magazine

New distributed energy resources (DERs) are being added to the power grid every day. However, DERs don’t automatically provide owners with the greatest value possible. In many cases, that requires the help of an aggregator, that is, a company that […]

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The New Wave of the Decentralized Energy Market

October 4, 2021

Via: Power Magazine

Ten years ago, the energy market was based around the conventional, centralized generation of oil and coal plants. It was predictable and formulaic. These staples of yesterday’s energy market are no longer the future of energy generation. Instead, we see […]

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Nanogrid Could Hold Key to Clean Energy Future

February 1, 2021

Via: Power Magazine

The Orlando Utilities Commission’s (OUC’s) vision of a green energy future isn’t as far off as some people may think. The utility’s nanogrid is providing a testing ground for several innovative power systems. At OUC’s Gardenia Operations Center sits one […]

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Distributed Energy Helped Fight California’s Grid Outages, But It Could Do Much More

August 28, 2020

Via: Greentech Media

During last week’s heat-wave-driven grid emergency in California, grid operator CAISO and the state’s utilities sent out desperate calls to demand response providers, behind-the-meter battery aggregators, electric-vehicle charging providers, microgrid operators and backup generator owners, seeking whatever help they could […]

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A New Model for Valuing Distributed Energy Could Drive Big Changes in California

July 24, 2020

Via: Greentech Media

A new model for calculating the value of distributed energy resources (DERs) could lead to big changes in the biggest U.S. state’s energy market. This spring the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved changes (PDF) to its Avoided Cost Calculator. […]

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Back to the Future: What Role Will Electric Utilities Play in 2030?

June 8, 2016

Via: Greentech Media

Imagine a possible future in which distributed energy resources have become competitive with grid power in price and performance. In this future, solar panels, batteries, smart appliances and a host of other technologies are all selling well, helping customers produce, […]