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Why digitalization is crucial to the nuclear industry delivering on its potential

December 15, 2022

Via: Power Engineering

Nuclear will play a crucial role in the transition to net-zero, not only because it’s the second-lowest emitter of CO2, but also because its resilience and reliability ensures security of supply in a system using increasing amounts of intermittent renewables. […]

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Customers are driving the push towards renewables and digitalization

February 23, 2021

Via: Renewable Energy News

Renewables account for more than two thirds of new generating capacity additions in the U.S. This means that renewable energy is claiming an increasing share of the national generation mix. EIA estimates that wind power accounted for 9% of U.S. […]

Conventional Fuels, Nuclear

The Role of Digital Insight in a Safer Nuclear Industry

January 28, 2021

Via: Power Magazine

After the Fukushima nuclear disaster of March 2011, many new nuclear programmes were delayed or significantly repealed. Governments globally, and particularly those in Western Europe, instigated broad-brush policy changes while also conducting substantial safety reviews and nuclear power plant modifications. […]

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Is Digitalization In Oil And Gas Wowing The Workforce?

July 20, 2018

Via: Forbes

Digitalization is the buzzword on everyone’s lips in the oil and gas sector. It is seen as the remedy for all the industry’s problems from operational efficiency, safety and lack of visibility. But it is also being heralded as a […]

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Digitalization set to transform global energy system with profound implications for all energy actors

November 6, 2017

Via: International Energy Agency

Digital technologies are set to transform the global energy system in coming decades, making it more connected, reliable and sustainable. This will have a profound and lasting impact on both energy demand and supply, according to a new report by […]