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US dollar strength could soon become an ‘unbearable burden’ on the oil market, analyst says

August 13, 2018

Via: CNBC energy

The prospect of continued strength in the U.S. dollar over the coming months should constitute an even greater concern to bullish oil traders than an escalating trade war between the world’s two largest economies, an analyst told CNBC on Monday. […]

Energy Economics

Opinion: US oil and gas industry reaps the benefits of international trade

March 22, 2017

Via: American Energy News

Rising exports have thrown a lifeline to US shale producers and refiners, giving them an additional outlet at a time when the domestic market has been at risk of becoming saturated. The United States exported record quantities of natural gas, propane, […]

Energy Economics

How the Marshall Islands became a top U.S. crude export destination

August 12, 2016

Via: Reuters

Best known for diving, lagoons and the island that gave the world the name for the bikini swimsuit, the Marshall Islands is now gaining attention as a top-five destination for U.S. crude exports despite the lack of a refinery to […]